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The way we work has changed. Why wouldn’t the way we book travel change too?

In recent years, online collaboration and hybrid work environments have been critical to the continued success of businesses. Travelers have to switch between multiple platforms and apps to log on, search, book, pay and claim their travel expenses back. What if everything could be simplified and made easy for employees in just one place?

Transforming meeting collaboration and trip planning 

Amadeus and Microsoft share a vision. We want to change the way employees meet, collaborate, travel, or claim expenses. By reimagining the user experience and harnessing the power of data, our partnership delivers technology that fosters collaboration and empowers employees.

Cytric Easy: worldwide corporations use Cytric Travel & Expense to plan and book business trips online. Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, travelers can now do the same with their colleagues in Teams or Outlook.


  • Personalized booking experience
  • Increased collaboration between colleagues
  • No more toggling between applications
  • One single login across your workplace ecosystem

Cytric Easy for Microsoft Teams

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